May 26, 2010

Good Grade Rewards!

Here is a list of places that will reward your child for good grades. This list is just for the Kansas City Mo area. Most of these places are corporate and the deals are good everywhere. Check with your location to see if they are participating.

  • Blockbuster Video: When your child’s report card shows a “B” average (2.7, satisfactory, or 80 percent rating) or better, he or she will get a FREE video rental. Check out for more details.

  • Krispy Kreme: Bring in your child’s report card. For each “A” that he or she has – your student will be rewarded with one donut! So five “A’s” = five donuts!

  • Chuck E. Cheese: At the end of the grading period, just take your child’s report card into any Chuck E. Cheese and he or she can earn 15 tokens. The only catch is that you must purchase a meal to get this offer. Bring on the games!

  • Interstate Bakeries Outlet: When your child’s report card has all “A’s” or “B’s” or a combination of both, Then, take it with you to a local Dolly Madison/Hostess/Wonder Outlet Store and your child can receive a free sweet treat. Mom and dad get a free loaf of bread as a bonus!

For more information check out kcparents!